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A flirty take on a classic Brazilian style, this reversible bikini top with silver details on the strings is meant to be worn with the triangles pushed skinny and apart-- just enough to cover your nips (but you do you!).  This style is loved by all bodyshapes for it's versatility. Sinch it tight around your ribcage for extra support, and try tying the straps either around your neck or as shoulder straps attached to the back.


Reversible orange sunset/black: designer-picked orange sunset pairs with the sunset/black string bikini bottom or sunset/black reversible hotpants. Black goes with everything so that you can mix and match!


Reverisble pinstripe/black: Designer-picked black pinstripe pairs with the pinstripe string bikini bottom or black reversible hotpants. Black goes with everything so you can mix and match!

String bikini top, reversible

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