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Exciting News from Your Surf Instructor!

This winter it's ON!

Hello from Humboldt County everyone!

November was a super exciting month for SurfWithKatie in that I was able to complete two strike missions with friends to two of the tallest waves in the world: Jaws/Peahi on the island of Maui and Nazaré in Portugal. Both trips were challenging, stretching, beautiful and mega-fun experiences in their own ways, and I was featured on major surf media platforms such as Surfline and Gigantes de Nazaré for my efforts.

One thing has led to another and now I am an invited competitor in the RedBull Women's Magnitude contest in Hawai'i! From Dec 1-Feb 28, whoever stacks the best clips surfing 12'+ Hawaiian across the contest window has a chance of winning $35,000 for overall performer or $5,000 for Best Ride, Biggest Wave or Best Overall Towing.

Apparently I also was recommended by two people to compete in the Quicksilver Jaws Big Wave Challenge! Not only is Jaws considered the pinnacle of big wave surfing, but this event is basically the women's world title. Although I don't yet know for sure if I will be an alternate, just to know that I was even considered capable of participating in such an event during my rookie year is a huge honor and confidence booster.

Your continued support will help me get to Hawai'i this winter and test my abilities in the world's most challenging waves alongside the world's best!

Surf Lessons:

With the holiday season, I might have availability in both Humboldt and San Diego! This week and next I am in Humboldt!

Please follow @surfwithkatie on Instagram to find out about my whereabouts. Look for thein my bio, too!

To make things easy and in an effort to not spam your email too much, I will also be updating the homepage, so check back often for openings!

CBD for humans and dogs!

If you're thinking of gifts already, consider giving CBD through my Green Compass page, CBDWellbeing.

Green Compass offers a zillion different CBD products that are made with USDA Certified Organic hemp that is 100% American-grown and undergoes an extremely detailed quality-control process.

Their bath bombs, roll-ons with essential oils and topical creams for sore muscles are amazing and make great gifts. They come out with new stuff all the time-- lip balms, skin care systems, even natural insect repellent to name a few.

I've tried just about everything Green Compass has and my family uses their stuff regularly, especially the gummies and tinctures-- even our old chocolate lab Allie gets a dropper full of doggie CBD every morning and night. She's going to be 16 this December!

Hit me up if you'd like any recommendations or have any questions!

Follow along with me this season!

Instagram: The easiest way to find out about my adventures is via my personal Instagram @keiti_mar

The SurfwithKatie Blog! Yep, right here.

Thank you for sharing the stoke!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and magical winter filled with fun waves.

--Katie :)

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