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Surf with Katie!

Surf lessons, coaching, ocean safety & FUN

for all levels

Currently 📍 North Shore, Hawai'i

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  • 60 US dollars
  • For two surfers, all levels.
    100 US dollars
  • Get the shot & learn a lot with in-water or land-based perspectives.
    100 US dollars
  • 60 US dollars
  • More than 2 surfers? No problem! Please click to find out more.
    Contact Katie
surfer swimming in the ocean

As a marine biologist (BS Marine Biology & MS Microbiology), I love to share my love and knowledge about the ocean with others, and do whatever I can to protect my local coastal ecosystems. I'm also a certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS Dec. 2019) and former California State Beach Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Instructor, so safety is always my first priority.


I love encouraging and helping aspiring surfers reach their goals, whatever they may be, or showing new surfers (swimmers aged 6 and up) to ride their first waves!


Big Wave Surfer, former Ocean Lifeguard, Marine Biologist

Let's go surfing! I am an ocean lover, California native and avid surfer with over 16 years of surfing experience, having surfed spots all over the world: from Puerto Escondido to Mavericks to Teahupo'o to Punta de Lobos to Peahi/Jaws and Nazaré. 

  • 1st place Women's division, Lobos Por Siempre Big Wave Internacional and 20/29 overall, Punta de Lobos, Chile

  • 20th/34 Santos del Mar Big Wave Internacional Open, El Buey, Arica, Chile

  • Rookie of the Season, 2021-22 Red Bull Magnitude Women's Big Wave Contest and 3rd overall in Hawai'i

  • Maverick's Surf Awards finalist for women's Biggest Wave, Ride of the Year and Overall Performer.

  • Women's Biggest Paddle in the Red Bull XXL Awards 2022

  • 3rd place, Torneo de Bodysurf Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Mexico (open)

  • 2nd Place, women 30-42, Oceanside World Bodysurfing Championships 2022

  •  Women's Grand Champ, Oceanside World Bodysurfing Championships 2021

  • Quarterfinalist, Torneo de Bodysurf Zicatela, Puerto Escondido (open) 2021

  • Longest Noseride, 2017 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic.


Check out my Instagram @keiti_mar for some shots of me surfing and links to blogs I have been featured in. 

Hablo español! Vivo mitad del año en Chile.



  • Designed and handmade in Brazil by a small women-owned cooperative. 

  • Some styles surf and even bodysurf tested & approved!

  • Some models co-designed by Katie 

  • Limited sizes and quantities available.

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