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"Health is the greatest blessing." - Katie's Mom

For the last year or so my family and I have been trying out a variety of CBD products, and I thought I'd share some that have worked really well for us.


Full disclosure, anything purchased through the links below will benefit my mission to keep surfing. My promise to you is never push products, but/and if you happened to find this page, welcome! These are only things that I or my family have personally tried and enjoyed. 

Check it out and ask me about samples!

Full catalogue at:

If I had a hottub I would definitely throw like five in there.  After a bad wipeout, or any time really, these bath bombs are a real treat. They smell super good and make your skin feel luxurious. Pro tip: toss one in an epsom salt bath for added muscle care. Comes in Lavender, Eucalyptus and Citrus/Frankincense.


...Also make great gifts as-is or in a bundle.


The good stuff! Try a little cinnamon flavor in your morning coffee or under your tongue (mint for fresh breath, y'know?). People love it for everything-- sleep, sports recovery, stress-relief, focus, and just generally feeling good on the day-to-day. GC's got a ton of flavors and styles:​

THC-free: no-nonsense ultra-pure CBD distillate that gets the job done. Comes in 500mg & 750mg in both Citrus and Natural flavor. 

CBD Broad Spectrum: THC-free CBD that includes a wider variety of CBD molecules for enhanced performance. Comes in 500mg, 750mg and 1000mg in Cinnamon, Natural and Blood Orange Vanilla.

Full Spectrum:  Broad spectrum CBD plus less than .3% THC (sooo tiny) that people say "activates" the full benefits. My Mom doubles down on the 1000mg for her arthritis and joint pain with great results! I applied for a Federal job so I don't use this type, but the Broad Spectrum and THC-free are both Federally legal. Comes in 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg and even 2500mg in Cinnamon, Mint and Natural.


No joke these things are freakin' delicious. It's like the same benefits of the tinctures in a vegan, organic, sweet lemon package. GC makes these high-tech gummies in a way that makes the 150mg Broad Spectrum CBD more bio-available, so 1 jelly is the equivalent of a serving of 750mg-1000mg tincture. Split one with a friend, try them with your morning vitamins, or pop one before bed. Heck, have two. 


I've been solidly smacked my my board twice (maybe thrice) this season, and the soothe cream lived up to it's name.


After spending so much time in the sun, salt and wind I'm no skincare model, but I like this stuff as a daily face moisturizer, too.


The "Natural" is my thing but people swear by the cooling mentholated cream and roll-on versions, too (definitely more for body than for face).


Soothe Cream (Natural)

Reduce Pain Cream (Menthol)
Reduce Pain Roll-On (Menthol)


Yep, we've been giving our now 15 years-young chocolate lab Allie lots of love and 500mg bacon-flavored CBD and it's literally the best. She may still be stinky and full of warts, but at least her creaky hips and legs don't bother her as much <3 

Also check out the 250mg natural flavor.

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