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Fresh Video! "Life After Death / Vida Después de la Muerte"

Very excited to share the final cut of Life After Death after ~three years producing this project!

This 7-minute scientific documentary give a never-before-seen looking into the ecologically important roles of whale carcasses, using time lapse photography to watch whales decomposing on remote Patagonian beaches over the course of one year. Clips show a diversity of marine and terrestrial scavengers that pick bones clean, illustrating how even the tragic mass die-off of hundreds of endangered whales of 2015 was not completely lost to waste. However, the same harmful algae blooms (red tides) that are linked to the whales' deaths are also shifting baselines in the Patagonian fjords, making life both dangerous and unviable for the people who live there.


 Español / Castellano:

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